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At Netlink we’re centred around what our clients need. We don’t just collect people’s CVs and send them on; we listen to clients and job seekers to find out exactly what they want and match according to skills, values, and culture.

As a company, the right resources are key to your success. That’s where we come in. We can save you time, money, and resources on recruitment strategies. Our specialist team look at your specific business needs to provide you with a selection of high-calibre candidates. We can support you through each stage of the recruitment process including contracts, visa applications where necessary and onboarding – turning months of searching for the right talent into days.

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What We Offer

Talent Sourcing

We help you create a candidate persona, actively engage with prospective candidates, and provide you with a list of qualified candidates.

Recruitment Consultancy

We offer recruitment consultancy to clients who wish to handle their own recruitment processes inhouse, assisting wherever needed.

Bulk Recruitment

Our specially assigned bulk recruiters will work together with your HR team to find large numbers of staff for you in a short space of time.

Recruitment Outsourcing

We will manage your recruitment processes for you, allowing your HR department to focus on servicing your current employees.

Pre-Employment Checks

We provide pre-employment due diligence checks, ensuring that potential employees are suitable, especially for security sensitive roles.

Psychometric Testing

We offer psychometric testing, providing guidelines as to how a potential candidate would tackle specific situations in a required role.

Work Permit Administration Support

Are you a company who needs to apply for work permits in the UK and EU, but have limited time? Netlink can help!


Shared Resources

At Netlink we also provide our shared team to our external clients who prefer are in start-up/changing phase of their projects which means there is a more fluid requirement for skills. This can be priced on a per task or per day basis depending on the required skills .
This is particularly suited to

           Development Tasks
           L1/L2/L3 testing
           Business Analysis
           Project Management
           Data Center Setup/Support

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